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Top 14 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs

Many people believe that cats and dogs can never get along, but the reality is quite different. There are certain cat breeds that are surprisingly compatible with their canine companions. If you aspire to create a joyful household with both cats and dogs, choosing the appropriate feline breed becomes crucial. In this article, we’ll acquaint you with 14 cat breeds well-known for their friendliness towards dogs, fostering a loving and serene atmosphere for all furry members of the family.

Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs


True to their name, Ragdolls are gentle and easy-going cats, making them an excellent fit for households with dogs. They possess a calm nature and social disposition, forming strong bonds with humans and dog’s alike. Their relaxed demeanor helps them navigate playful interactions with dog’s without any trouble.

 Cat Breeds Dogs

Maine Coon:

Maine Coons, known for their large size and friendly personalities, are a natural choice for homes with dog’s. Their adaptability and love for socializing enable them to effortlessly bond with canines of all sizes, endearing them to the entire family.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Siamese cats may be talkative, but they are also outgoing and affectionate, making them wonderful companions for dog’s. With proper introductions and patience, Siamese cats can establish strong and positive relationships with their canine companions.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Birmans are famous for their sweet and loving nature, making them a perfect match for homes with dog’s. These cats enjoy the company of other animals and possess a patient demeanor, creating a harmonious living environment.

Cat Breeds Dogs

American Shorthair:

With their friendly and adaptable nature, American Shorthairs are versatile cats that blend well into families with dog’s. They are undemanding and generally get along well with other pets, including dog’s, provided they are introduced properly.

Cat Breeds Dogs

Turkish Van:

Turkish Vans stand out with their love for water and sociable personality. Their playful and energetic behavior resonates well with dog’s that enjoy interactive play. These social cats quickly form strong bonds with their doggie companions.

Cat Breeds Dogs

Scottish Fold:

Scottish Folds are known for their calm and laid-back temperament, making them an excellent addition to households with dog’s. Their easy-going nature helps them avoid conflicts, fostering a peaceful coexistence with their canine counterparts.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Highly intelligent and curious, Abyssinians are friendly and affectionate cats. Their outgoing nature often leads them to initiate interactions with dog’s, making it easier for them to build positive relationships.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Despite their unique appearance, Sphynx cats are incredibly loving and social creatures. When introduced gradually and with care, they can easily befriend dog’s, appealing to canines that enjoy active playtime.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Burmese cats are renowned for their sociable and affectionate nature, making them a wonderful fit for homes with dog’s. Their friendly demeanor extends to dog’s, as they readily share their space and affection with their canine companions.

Cat Breeds Dogs


Chartreux cats are known for their calm and gentle temperament, making them ideal for households with dog’s. Their composed nature allows them to adapt seamlessly to living alongside their canine friends.

Cat Breeds Dogs

Devon Rex:

Devon Rex cats have playful and mischievous personalities, often bonding well with dog’s that share similar energy levels. Their outgoing attitude and ability to get along with other pets make them a popular choice for families with diverse furry members.

Cat Breeds Dogs

Norwegian Forest Cat:

Not only do Norwegian Forest Cats have a striking appearance and luxurious coat, but they also boast a friendly and tolerant nature. With proper introductions, they can coexist peacefully with dog’s, making them a valuable addition to dog-friendly homes.

Cat Breeds Dogs

British Shorthair:

The calm and composed demeanor of British Shorthairs allows them to cohabitate harmoniously with dog’s. Their undemanding nature helps them adjust well to the presence of other pets, fostering a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Cat Breeds Dogs


When it comes to building a loving and united family with both cat breeds and dog’s, the right breed selection can make a world of difference. The 14 cat breeds highlighted in this article are known for their compatibility with dog’s, bringing joy and companionship to all family members. Keep in mind that every cat breeds and dog is unique, so introducing them gradually and with patience is essential for fostering positive relationships. With the right approach, your feline and canine companions will soon be sharing affectionate moments and playful adventures, creating a beautiful and harmonious household.

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